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When it comes to building land for sale in the UK, the primary restriction has to do with location. Because of work and family, the majority of people in the UK cannot simply pack up and relocate, meaning they are limited to certain areas. One option for finding building land for sale is through an auction. However, you can also use the services of a land agent, someone that does all the legwork for you, or, you can spend time scouting possibilities on your own.

The keys to finding building land for sale in the UK is to keep your options open and be persistent. Remember that while you might find some locations listed in auction listings, most true building land for sale is with planning permission. Then, if you can afford it, you want to choose property that is in a state of disrepair. With this, you can tear down old buildings and literally start building the home of your dreams. Just keep in mind that you probably will need planning permission build.

Another option for finding land for sale in the UK is with the land agent, as mentioned. You will pay for the services but the benefits are huge. In this case, the agent keeps an eye out for you, scouting various properties based on your preferences. However, the land agent will go further by ensuring the land is safe and will even help deal on price. This way, you get the best possible land without having to take time off from work to locate it.

Typically, people end up in one of two categories. The first are those people that are land investors. The second group consists of people interested in self-build. Interestingly, no matter which group you are in, the bottom line is finding the right building land for sale. Keep in mind that finding great land is possible but you need to be prepared to pay a competitive price, plan on spending ample time searching, and be flexible to your options. As mentioned earlier, you might find the ideal location but it could have an existing home in bad shape. In this case, do not allow the home in disrepair to stop you from enjoying the land itself.

If you were a land investor, you would be looking to buy land for sale at a good price and in a short to medium time, plan selling to make money with a good return. As a land investor, you could get started with as little as £10,000, holding onto the land for a short time and then turn around to sell it for as much as £100,000. As you can see, being a land investor has many great possibilities. However, to be successful, you need to be somewhat aggressive in this game.

Now, when it comes to building plots for sale in the UK, not everyone invests in this manner. For starters, the planning permission is never a guarantee for any land. Therefore, your best option for securing planning permission is to consider open fields located next to or nearby housing developments but in locations where high housing needs exist. Since these types of plots are difficult to find, a land agent would be a huge benefit in this case.

If your goal were to be a self-builder, then you would be trying to find building land for sale that already has the planning permission outline. For this to be successful, you need to understand that building a house in the first two years is optimal. The other option would be to find your building land for sale and realize you will make a smaller profit in a short amount of time. In this case, in addition to the initial investment on the land, you need to remember that there is also the cost for designing and building the home. For this reason, you can see that financial gain with self-build is not guaranteed. However, if you want nice land for your perfect home, a place where you will raise your family and entertain friends, then this is a viable option.

-  James M

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